WHY SHOULD I CONSIDER CHRISTIAN EDUCATION?                                      

  • There are basically two kingdoms: a kingdom of light and a kingdom of darkness. It seems strange to have those who walk in darkness educate children of light. It doesn't fit.

  • If Jesus Christ is Lord,  then He is Lord of all. Be careful when dividing things into secular and sacred.

  • All truth is God's truth, and God's Word sheds light on our path. Only in His light can we see light. Education is not focused on possibilities but on certainties found in God's Word.

  • Deuteronomy 6 tells parents that, in all they do, they should provide a godly education 24/7.

  • Three key institutions that shape a child are the home, the church, and the school. Children are served best when all three institutions point them in the same direction.

  • Only an education that has the liberty to address the whole child - social, intellectual, emotional, physical AND spiritual - reaches the possibility of excellence.

  • The best preparation for effective service is to be well grounded in one's mind before direct engagement of the culture.


-Adapted from discoverchristianschools.com

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