(The following steps are to be completed BEFORE July 31 of the enrolling year. Because of COVID-19, some steps may take place in a virtual format. Contact the school for more detail.)


Step 1. Parent Inquiry

          Please begin the process by filling out this inquiry form or contact our Principal who will answer your initial questions and will schedule a tour (in-person or virtual) for you. After your visit, if GMAA seems like a good fit for your child, we ask that you complete an online application and submit prior school records for your child.

Step 2. Student Visit

           Upon receipt of the application and transcript, the Administrative Assistant will schedule a school visit for your child. This visit gives the student, parents, and faculty an opportunity to assess whether or not Greater Memphis Adventist Academy is the ideal next educational step for you. During the visit, prospective students are welcomed into classes to engage with teachers and students and join them during lunch. Applicants are usually paired with a current student who will guide them to each class and answer questions.

Step 3. Interview

           During the visit, we will arrange an interview between parents and the class teacher. This interview is an opportunity for parents and class teachers to discuss the education as it pertains to the individual child. It also allows parents to express their expectations and enables the class teacher to assess if Greater Memphis Adventist Academy can accommodate the young person’s gifts and challenges. Acceptance into the Greater Memphis Adventist Academy is based on availability and the school’s ability to meet each child’s needs.

Step 4. Enrollment & Financial Arrangements

           Upon acceptance, you will be asked to electronically sign the application contract (p. 4) and pay the registration fee. Click here to see this year’s fees and tuition. Students are enrolled when all forms and required fees are paid.

           Any child whose application is received after the class has reached maximum enrollment will be placed on a waiting list after having been interviewed. Special consideration is given to siblings already enrolled in our school.


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