Greater Memphis Adventist Academy, in conjunction with Griggs International Academy/Andrews University (Berrien Springs, MI), is pleased to be able offer a quality, accredited, Seventh-day Adventist high school program. The program was piloted during the 2019-2020 school year just for Ninth grade. Ninth and Tenth grade will be offered beginning in 2020-2021. Eleventh grade will be added in 2021-2022. Twelfth grade will be added the following year. Some students may qualify for college credit for some coursework.

Griggs International Academy has been providing quality Seventh-day Adventist distance-learning opportunities since 1909. Today, GIA uses an online educational platform that ensures students get a rigorous education with consistent and strong teacher support. Their multitiered Learning Management System (LMS) allows the local GMAA facilitators, supervisors, and students to be directly involved in the student’s progress.

How it works:

Interested students enroll with both GMAA and GIA. Students take classes with both schools. Some classes are offered locally by GMAA teachers; other classes are taught by GIA teachers through the online portal. A local GMAA facilitator is on hand throughout the school day and assists students in completing their assignments and staying on track.

In addition to classes, students participate in other school-sponsored activities, including field trips and service projects. The GIA program is designed to fit into the traditional school year.


For more information contact the GMAA principal about local implementation. Read here about the overall GIA philosophy and program.


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