MIDDLE SCHOOL

Middle School embraces the wider world while setting the pace for academic accomplishment. It introduces an exceptional integrated curriculum of math, science, humanities, languages, the arts, and sports; all of which foster independent critical thinking and personal initiative. The developing adolescent learns the value of strong divine and human connections and powerful artistic expressions as they craft their own sense of self-identity.


                                                                                           SIXTH GRADE



Developmental Stage

Sixth grade marks the dawn of adolescence, a time when intellectual consciousness takes root and the student’s feeling perception advances into the world of ideas. Students are encouraged to think independently as their capacities for critical analysis and objective judgment are cultivated.


A widening curriculum meets and fosters developing capacities for objective judgment. Like Jesus at 12 years old, sixth graders become more aware of God’s calling on their lives. Emerging academic interests – including independent study, world history, math and pre-algebra, astronomy and physics – serve as foundation for future college studies.



                                                                                    SEVENTH GRADE



Developmental Stage

As an adolescent, the seventh grader is guided thoughtfully through their inherent need to question and challenge the world around them. Students seek to assert their independence and find their places among their peers in the context of a safe and supportive environment.


From history to math, science and art, the joy of learning about diverse cultures thematically underlies the Grade 7 literacy curriculum.  Biblical ideals of truth, beauty and balance and service offer a healthy counterpoint for the young adolescents tendency for cynicism and self-centeredness.  


                                                                              EIGHTH GRADE



Developmental Stage

The eighth grader’s school journey thus far can be compared to the musical movement of notes through the scale, and stands as its own foundation for the next step forward into High School.


Using the octave as metaphor, the Grade 8 curriculum references all that has come before while providing the foundation for the next step forward. This year appropriately involves aspects of Discernment – discerning God’s plan for one’s life —through history, science and literature—along with a continuing emphasis on reading and writing.



 Many important elements come together for a unique learning experience:


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