PRE-KINDERGARTEN                    KINDERGARTEN

Imagine a preschool/kindergarten bursting with color where children sing, pray, paint, read, learn Bible stories, create, and explore the wonders of nature in every season. Here begins an education steeped in wonder and imagination where learning and joy live as one in the same.



Arts and Craft Activity

Watercolor painting, clay modeling, crayon drawing, simple hand crafts, and working with plastics or wood lay the groundwork for artistic techniques useful in later years.


Circle Time

Singing, praying, repeating and remembering seasonal songs, the days of the month, and the months of the year, circle games – plus gesture games and using manipulatives – initiate memory work that is the foundation for healthy brain development.



S(cience), T(echnology), E(ngineering), and M(ath)

Learning math with fun, growing your own plant, participating in  domestic activities (cooking, cleaning, repairing, and gardening) are a rewarding beginning of the organizational


 skills needed in adult life.



Music and Field Trips

Music is a soothing influence and another “language” that helps students communicate their feelings.


Singing and playing instruments fosters musical literacy. Field trips expands the understanding and appreciation of the world students live in.




Outdoor Exploration


Extensive outdoor experience – playing, searching, and traversing the surrounding campus  – hones a child’s observation skills and breeds a deep, comfortable connection with nature.

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