Why the Annual Fund is Essential

Tuition and fees and church subsidies cover about 85% of the expenses at a school like Greater Memphis Adventist Academy. Generous donations to our Annual Fund are very important to build the bridge between our revenue and expenses that allow our school community to thrive. This year's goal is $25,000 (Fiscal Year July 1, 2020-June 30).


The funds raised through your annual giving are invested right back into our school community in many ways:

Financial aid support

Classroom improvements and

Where the need is greatest

Each year 100% of our Annual Fund support allows Greater Memphis Adventist Academy to enrich our pursuit of education and care for the whole student.


Each year our school’s goal is for 100% participation from our entire school community with gifts to our Annual Fund. We encourage our parents and families, staff, faculty, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents and other supporters in our community to consider making a meaningful gift so that we can continue providing the best curriculum, materials, and training to ensure an incredible GMAA Education and experience for the whole child.

Why is it important for our school community – 100% participation – to give? 

Most private schools, especially those that, like us, are non-profits, seek to create a sustainable future for their school community. At GMAA we see the goal of fiscal sustainability as a priority and attempt to truly diversify our funding streams as much as possible.

When our community gives at 100% — that means all faculty, staff, and families of students in our school make a donation of any amount – we are at our strongest. It says to other potential funders that we’re a force to be reckoned with and encourages them to invest and contribute as well.

How can I help? 

There are many ways to engage and support our annual fund. This includes monthly recurring donations and other ways, including our retail fundraising relationships with Kroger and Amazon – great ways to help you raise money for our school every time you shop.

Please consider committing to a manageable monthly gift of $25 or $30 per month or more! Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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