Tuition and fees


Registration Fee                                                                                     $400.00

   Due before the beginning of the school year, preferably by August 1 of the new school year. 

Tuition (yearly)                                                                                   $4,750.00

    Monthly (for 10 months)-$475.00. Tuition due on the first day of each month. 


    Kindergarten Promotional Exercises                                           $75.00

    Eighth Grade Promotional Exercises                                            $75.00

    Field Trip Fees                                                               Determined by trip 

    Sixth-grade Outdoor School Fee                                                  $150.00

            Due by March 1

    Eighth-grade class trip                                              Determined by trip

    Eighth-grade mission trip (optional)                 Determined by trip

    Music instrument rental ($10.00 monthly)                              $90.00

    School Transportation Fee (for bus riders)                                     TBA