If you are interested in having your student attend Greater Memphis Adventist Academy, please contact us and schedule an appointment to tour the school so that we may answer any questions you may have! The online application form is in Word format. Complete it. Then email it to: gmaaeagles@gmail.com.

New Students:

The following items must be completed before admission to Greater Memphis Adventist Academy can be approved:
1. Interviews with the principal and teacher

2. Two letters of recommendation from

      a. Last teacher

      b. Last school’s Principal or Pastor

3. Signed Financial Agreement

4. Signed Request to Release Records from previous school

5. Verification of a zero balance at the previous school

6. Signed Technology Use Agreement

7. Medicine Authorization (if applicable)

8. Kindergarten students should be 5 on or before August 15th, and first-grade students should be 6 on or before October 1.

9. Certificate of physical exam

10. Completed Application

11. Official Tennessee Certificate of Immunization

12. Grade and citizenship report cards

13. Photograph and Video Release Form



To assist in determining the grade placement, all transfer students must have:

1. A report card

2. Current cumulative records

3. Take a placement test.

4. Informal assessments ( i.e., results of criterion referenced test, teacher evaluation, Informal reading inventory, teacher observation, portfolio/samples of student work)

5. Exceptional student documentation, if applicable

6. Previous teacher interview

7. Letters of recommendation

8. Satisfactory financial arrangements of accounts are required before students may transfer from one school to another

Upon enrolling children in Greater Memphis Adventist Academy , parents should understand fully the policies, requirements, and regulations of the school and thus pledge their full cooperation.