Religious instruction is an integral part of the curriculum in K-8. High scholastic standards are fundamental in the education of the youth. The daily challenge is to provide the best teaching tools and methods to enrich the lives of the students who attend Greater Memphis Adventist Academy. Recognizing that children do not learn and develop at the same rate, the staff attempts to provide individualized instruction as much as possible.


Greater Memphis Adventist Academy follows the general curriculum as outlined by the Department of Education of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with headquarters in Washington, D.C., the Southern Union Conference Department of Education with headquarters in Decatur, Georgia, and the South Central Conference Department of Education with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.




The following courses are offered at each grade level 1 - 8.


1. Art.

2. Bible.

3. Computer Education.

4. Language Arts.

     a. Handwriting:

     b. Reading

     c. Spelling

5. Mathematics.

6. Vocal and Instrumental Music.

7. Physical Education.

8. Science and Health.

9. Social Studies.
10. Spanish

Let the youth make the Word of God the food of mind and soul...So will the Savior become a daily Companion and Friend

Ministry of Healing, p.464