Meet The Principal

            On the 2016-2017 school year, Greater Memphis Adventist Academy welcomed Dr. J. Philip Williams as its new principal.

            Dr. Williams is a veteran and award-winning educator. During the last 25 years, he has taught in public and Seventh-day Adventist schools. Before that, he served the denomination as a church pastor and administrator for 15 years. He is married to Mrs. Cheryl Williams, a math and science educator. They have three adult sons & six wonderful grandchildren.

           Williams has earned these degrees:  B.A. (Theology), M.Div (Church Administration), M.A. (Secondary Education), Ed.S (K-12 Educational Leadership), and Ed.D (K-12 Educational Leadership). He has been recognized as Teacher of the Year (Capdau Jr. High, New Orleans, LA public schools), Outstanding Teacher of the Year (Jefferson Adventist Academy, Texas Conference of SDA), and Outstanding Educator (Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL). Beloved by his students, Dr. Williams counts among his greatest pleasures watching how God works to develop and mature young people.

           Williams looks forward to the challenges and joys that will come with this school year. He believes that God has called him to serve at ASDAJA and he wants to earnestly fulfill this calling. Dr. Williams believes that SDA Christian education, when properly conducted, affords youth the best opportunity to get to know Jesus, prepare for His Second Coming AND become sharp tools in God’s hand on this earth while they await His return.

           Contact Dr. J. Philip Williams at 256-679-6819